02 March 2015 [13:39]
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Event Id: 450
Speaker: Vincenzo Cardone, Silvia Piranomonte
Institute: INAF/Osservatorio Astronomico di Roma
Location: Aula Gratton
Date & Time: 22-03-2012 11:45 (durate: 30+30 min)
Title: The Euclid mission as a probe of the theory of gravity & GRB host galaxies studies with X-Shooter/VLT
Euclid is an ESA medium class mission selected for launch in 2019 in the Cosmic Vision 2015-2025 programme. Its main goal is to understand the origin of the accelerating expansion of the Universe by measuring shapes and redshifts of galaxies as well as the distribution of clusters of galaxies as function of redshift over a very large fraction of the sky. We will present two possible strategies to use the weak lensing data to discriminate among General Relativity based dark energy models and higher order theories of gravity.


Gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) are the most powerful explosions since the formation of the Universe, associated with the death of massive stars or mergers of compact stellar objects. Several recent striking results strongly support the idea that host galaxies of GRBs are opening a new view on our understanding of galaxy formation and evolution, back to the very primordial universe at z ∼ 8. They form a unique sample of galaxies which cover a wide range of redshift, they are typically weak with low mass and unlike other methods they are not selected on luminosity. In recent years, thanks to the support of new generation instruments, multi-band photometry and spectroscopy allow us to better investigate the properties of these host galaxies (e.g. stellar mass, age, SFR, metallicity ), to study their possible evolution and to compare them with field galaxies and other classes of galaxies. In the future we therefore expect to improve our GRB hosts studies in order to explore the different characteristics for galaxies that host long GRBs and short GRBs that should lead us to a better understanding of the environment in which the GRB event occurred. GRB host spectroscopy is one of the main science drivers behind the X-Shooter spectrograph. In this talk, I will show the state of the art on the study of this type of galaxies and then I will present the first results of the program devoted to Italian-French GTO multiband spectroscopy of GRB host galaxies with X-Shooter which started at the end of 2009 and allowed us to collect the spectra of about 30 host galaxies in the 300-2400nm range from a redshift of about z=0.1 to z=2.7. 
Event Type: Seminar
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