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  • Full Professor - DST/NRF SKA Research Chair, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg (RSA)

  • Astrophysicist at INAF         Osservatorio Astronomico di Roma

Latest news

  • ATCA proposal on "Continuum and HI emissions from Local Group Dwarf
    Spheroidal Galaxies" has been approved: 121.5 hours obtained over 132 required.

  • RADIOASTRON launch successfull. Zenith-3M launcher with Fregat-SB upper stage and Russian astrophysical observatory Spectrum-R lifted off from Baikonurís pad 45 on July 18, at 6.31 a.m. MSK. The spacecraft successfully separated from the Fregat-SB upper stage at 10.06 a.m. MSK. Spectrum-R was injected into orbit with altitude of about 340 thousand km. (read more at... )


Dark Matter Awarenes Week - a worldwide initiative: Dec 1-8, 2010 ... continued in 2011     The Movie


In press

Planck Collaboration early papers on SZE and extragalactic sources

A&A 2011

The energetics of giant radio galaxy lobes from inverse Compton scattering observations

A&A 2011






I was born in Rocca d'Arce (FR, Italy) on May 3, 1957.
I am married with Svetlana and we live in Frascati (Rome, Italy)
In addition to my professional scientific research activity, I am a free-lance photographer (travel reports, glamour, fashion design).
I am a free-lance alpine and trekking guide (Alps, Himalaya, Pamir).
I support projects of cultural and education development  and enviroment protection in Himalayan countries (Nepal).


I am an astrophysicist and my main interests are in cosmology, astro-particle physics and theoretical astrophysics.
My main research activities involve: Dark Matter search in cosmic structures (from dwarf galaxies to galaxy clusters), Dark Energy and mod-G scenarios, astrophysics of galaxy clusters (thermal and non-thermal plasma, cosmic rays, magnetic fields, AGN feedback, SZ effect, X-ray and gamma-ray emission), astrophysics of blazars and radio galaxies, galaxy evolution, galaxy winds, high-energy phenomena and magnetic fields in cosmic structures, cosmic ray origin.
I am involved and provide theoretical support to various experimental projects: OLIMPO, HERSCHEL; PLANCK, Fermi, CTA, NuSTAR, DUAL, COrE, RADIOASTRON, MILLIMETRON. I collaborate in various theoretical and data analysis projects in astrophysics, cosmology and astro-particle physics.I am a full professor in radio astronomy with a DST/NRF SKA Research Chair at the the School of Physics of the University of the Witwatersrand (Johannesburg, South Africa). I am also associate scientist at INAF & ASI (Rome, ITALY) and permanent visiting prof. at the University of Rome (La Sapienza, ITALY). I am abilitated as university professor in Italy (Astrophysics-FIS05) and in France (Astrophysics and Elementary Constituents).
I am author of more that 340 scientific publications in international journals and prceedings (153 refereed papers, 50 invited reviews, 1 book, among others) with an h-index of 30 (normalized h-index = 14.5).

Available Thesis Projects

  • SZ effect in cosmic structures

  • Dark Matter signals in astrophysical sources

  • Non-thermal astrophysics of galaxy clusters

  • Magnetic fields in Large Scale Structures

  • High-Energy processes in cosmic structures

  • Astrophysics of radio galaxy lobes

  • UHECRs sources: multi-frequency study

  • Galaxy evolution and non-thermal feedback: Dark Matter, cosmic rays & magnetic field





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Phone    +39 06 94286473 (OAR)
Fax        +39 06 9447243   (OAR)
Mail       Osservatorio Astronomico di Roma
              Via Frascati, 33
              I-00040 Monteporzio (Roma)  - Italy
Wits University
Phone    +27 (0)11 7176823
Fax        +27 (0)11 7176879
Mail       School of Physics - Wits University
              Private Bag 3 - Wits 2050
              South Africa




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