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General information

Entry requirements

To enter Italy, EU visitors need a national identity card or a passport, valid for six months after the date of the arrival. All other visitors need a valid passport. For visits over 90 days, a visa is necessary. Drivers need an international licence (domestic licences for EU nationals), car documents and a Green Card, providing insurance.

Money matters

Italy is a member of the European Union, and the currency is the Euro. The south of Italy is supposed to be less expensive than the north, but it depends on where you go in Sicily. To exchange money use an exchange office where you see the sign cambio, as their service is far simpler than that of a bank. They are quicker although they do take a substantial percentage. An ATM, called Bancomat is the easiest way to obtain currency with your credit card. Make sure that you always have enough cash. Sometimes the ATMs in Cefalù get empty, for example on Saturdays, and new money is not provided before Monday. In most restaurants and shops credit cards are accepted, but this can vary and we recommend you to always check first if you wish to pay with a credit card.

Business hours

Food shops and markets open around 07:30AM, closing for lunch around 12:30PM. Shops reopen in the afternoon around 16:00PM or later, and they are usually open until at least 20:00.In Cefalù you will find some small shops that are open even during the siesta time, but it is quite expensive to buy things there.

Time difference

The time in Italy is GMT plus one hour in the winter and GMT plus two hours in the summer. Thus, when it is 12 noon in London, it is 13:00 in Sicily.


Post: The mail service can be slow in summer with the influx of tourist mail. Stamps for postcards and letters can also be bought from tobacco shops, that are open longer than La posta. For packages and other mail, please go to the Post office in Via Vazzana, a crossing street from Via Roma and Lungomare. Opening hours: 8:00-17:30, open during siesta.
Telephones: Public phones are found in streets, at post offices and in bars and restaurants. These are operated by coins and prepaid schede or carte telefoniche that are available at newsstands, in the post office and tobacco shops.
Internet: There are some internet points in Cefalù, for example one in Piazza Duomo and one at the restaurant/bar La Galleria (see under restaurants below), located close to Piazza Duomo.

Important numbers

If you get robbed, report the incident immediately to the Carabinieri (military police), tel. 113 (at their caserma) or to the Polizia (civil police) at the questura.
For fire emergencies call 115 and for emergency assistance on the road 116.
For health emergencies and ambulance 118.
Palermo airport: for domestic flights: 0039 091 6019111; for international flights: 0039 091 591275;
Catania airport: 0039 095 536170
Trenitalia 24h-number: 0039 892021;
Taxi Cefalù: 0039 0921 422554 Office Via G.Matteotti 20 tel. 0921.422354

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