Piergiorgio (pg) Casella


I am staff researcher at OAR since 2011. I started studying Astrophysical black holes during my Master thesis, and I have not stopped since. I have carried out my studies abroad for several years, first in The Netherlands (Amsterdam), then in the United Kingdom (Southampton) before coming back to Italy in 2011. During my career I touched several lines of research: especially accreting neutron stars and ultra-luminous X-ray sources, but including also FRBs, GWs and even Inter-Galactic Medium…but the Physics of accretion-ejection in stellar-mass black holes remains my main scientific interest.
I study black-holes, and especially their jets, at all wavelengths, from radio to infrared to X-rays, and using as many telescopes as possible. In particular, I pioneered the use of infrared fast photometry to securely identify and study the fast variable emission from jets in X-ray binaries.

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