I am a staff researcher at INAF – Observatory of Rome.

My main research interests are:
– galaxy formation and evolution
– high redshift universe (early passive galaxies in particular)
– photometry and SED fitting in deep extra-galactic surveys
– hydrodynamical simulations and forward modeling
– advanced techinques of image processing including machine learning methods
– development of astronomical and astrophysical software

I am lead of the Photometry work-packages in the MER Organisation Unit of the EUCLID Consortium Science Ground Segment. I have been awarded as Builder of the Euclid Mission in 2021, and I won the Euclid STAR prize in 2022.

I am the developer and maintainer of the photometric software packages T-PHOT and A-PHOT.

I am vegan, and I stand for animals, for the environment, and for human rights.
I am a musician and I play in several bands and projects.

My publications