The Astronomical Observatory of Rome hosts a wide team of researchers working on different science topics related to the Extragalactic Astrophysics and Cosmology.


Research Activities:



Name                           E-mail                                                         Int.

Fabrizio Fiore                        433

Adriano Fontana              456

Emanuele Giallongo       411

Andrea Grazian                468

Nicola Menci                         459

Fabrizio Nicastro             478

Laura Pentericci               450

Enrico Piconcelli              451

Roberto Scaramella        454

Raffaella Schneider         448

Vincenzo Testa                    482



Nome                              E-mail                                                     Int.

Ricardo Amorin                 469

Angela Bongiorno         473

Vincenzo Cardone

Marco Castellano             473

Luca Graziani                         494

Lucia Guaita         

Erendira Huerta-martinez

Alessandra Lamastra        469

Stefania Marassi                494

Emiliano Merlin                 473

Diego Paris                               497

Paola Santini                          469

Rosa Valiante                         494

Er Xinzhong        

Luca Zappacosta                478



Nome                               E-mail                                                          Int.

Matteo de Bennassuti

Michele Ginolfi      

Mattia Mancini       

Francesca Marchi   

Edwige Pezzulli     

Francesca Senatore


External collaborators:

Nome                    E-mail                                                  Int.

Roberto Maoli

(Phone: +39 06 94286xxx)