Understanding the formation and evolution of galaxies and the material between them (Inter Galactic Medium) is one of the key questions in modern Extragalactic Astrophysics.

The Extragalactic Team is working on different science topics.

Ongoing Activities:

  • The stellar, metal, and dust content of the first galaxies (Schneider, Marassi, Ginolfi, Graziani, Mancini)
  • Galaxy evolution in the Milky Way environment: reconstructing star formation and metal enrichment at cosmic dawn using stellar and galactic archaeology (Schneider, Graziani, de Bennassuti, Marassi)
  • Semi-analytical models of galaxy formation (Menci, Lamastra)
  • Exploring the epoch of reionization through deep spectroscopic observations of Lyalpha emission (Pentericci, Castellano, Fontana, Grazian)
  • The physical properties of high redshift star forming galaxies from spectrophotometric analysis (Pentericci, Castellano, Santini, Fontana, Grazian)
  • The search for LyC emission in galaxies at redshift 3-4 (Grazian, Guaita, Pentericci)


Credit: NASA, ESA, R windhorst, H Yan.

Distant Galaxies in the Hubble Ultra Deep Field

(Credit: NASA, ESA, R Windhorst, H Yan.)