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UNSEEN: l’emergente popolazione di Stelle Di Neutroni ultraluminose   Taking the beat of the UNSEEN: the Ultraluminous Neutron Star population of ULXs   UNSEEN is the acronym of Ultraluminous Neutron

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Within the framework of the CTA international project, INAF is leading the ASTRI (Astrofisica con Specchi a Tecnologia Replicante Italiana) Project. The main goals of the project are the realization

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The Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA) Project is a worldwide project aimed to build the next generation Imaging Air Cherenkov Telescope (IACT) devoted to reveal very high energy gamma-rays from astrophysical

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Athena (Advanced Telescope for High ENergy Astrophysics) is the future large-class X-ray Observatory selected by ESA to study the Hot and Energetic Universe. It is due for launch in 2028.

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The NUclear Spectroscopic Telescope ARray (NuSTAR) mission is a NASA Explorer launched in 2012. It is the first hard X-ray focusing satellite. For this reason is hundreds of times more

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The WISE/SDSS-selected hyper-luminous quasar (WISSH) survey is an extensive multi-band observing program (from millimeter wavelengths to hard X-rays) to investigate the role of nuclear activity in SMBH-galaxy self-regulated growth via extended

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JEDI : JEts and Disk at INAF     P.I.: Brunella Nisini The JEDI collaboration collects researchers of the Italian  Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica (INAF) working in the field of

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    P.I.: Enzo Brocato GRAWITA projects the INAF –OAR in the Multi-messenger Era. The present research group is committed to taking part in the search and the study of photon-messengers

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FIRST: the first stars and galaxies PI: Raffaella Schneider (INAF/OAR)   FIRST is a five-year project funded by the European Research Council with a Starting Grant for frontier research. The

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VUDS  The VIMOS Ultra Deep Survey   The VIMOS Ultra Deep Survey (VUDS) is a spectroscopic redshift survey of ~10.000 very faint galaxies to study the major phase of galaxy

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