From top left to bottom right are shown the daily images obtained at CaII K (393,3 nm), Blue (409,4 nm),  Red (607,2 nm), and G-band (430,6 nm).

PSPT Archive


K (CaII K, 393.3 nm)

KN (CaII K narrow band)

B (Blue, 409.4 nm)

R (Red, 607.2 nm)

C (G-band, 430.6 nm)

G (Green, 535.7 nm)

C and G observation started on 27 march 2007. G observation ended on 3 September 2008. KN observation started on august 2010.
Observations are not available from 19 May 2011 to 20 December 2011 due to a technical problem.



The images in this archive are in low quality JPG format.