The first PSPT (Precision Solar Photometric Telescope), which was planned and built by the National Solar Observatory, in the frame of the RISE project,for the acquisition of solar images endowed with a high photometric preicision,for the study of solar variability, has been operative at the Astronomical Observatory of Rome since February 1996.

This telescope gives whole-disk images of the Sun, on four different wavelengths, characterized by a nominal spatial resolution of ~1arcsec/pixel (which corresponds to about 750 km upon the Solar surface),and a photometric precision of the order of 0.1% per pixel.

The images, calibrated for instrumental effects, are available through Internet connection to the Website of the OAR.


The PSPT project

Main features of the telescope

Optical components

Old CCD Detector and software system

Data calibration 

Days of Observation

Photometric Accuracy

Fine Pointing and Image Information Content