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The wee free magnetic elements on the photosphere: a turbulent story

gennaio 30 @ 8:00 - 17:00

The study of the dynamics of the photosphere allow us to investigate the physical processes occurring in both the interior of the Sun and in the higher layers of the solar atmosphere due the magnetic coupling between the photosphere and the corona. This field concerns many basic stellar processes such as: global dynamo, turbulent convection and super-hot corona.
In this talk, we report on the recent results on the transport of small scale magnetic field by advection/diffusion as seen on different data-sets from ground-based and space telescopes. We compare those results with simplified advective models that mimic the motion scales observed on the solar surface.
We will digress on how the advection of the smallest magnetic elements on the solar surface affects the toroidal-to-poloidal conversion in the solar cycle, on how it can be used to estimate the possible nano-flare contribution to the coronal heating and on its consequences on transiting exo-planet detection.


gennaio 30
8:00 - 17:00
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Dario Del Moro (University Tor Vergata)


Aula Gratton