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P.I.: Brunella Nisini

The JEDI collaboration collects researchers of the Italian  Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica (INAF) working in the field of proto-planetary disks and jets in young stars. The group involves five INAF structures (OAR, OAA, OANa, OACt and OAPa) as well as italian researchers from the University of Milan and European Institutions (ESO-ESA). Its aim is to bring together complementary observational and theoretical competences available within the italian community, in order to tacke the topic of the evolution of circumstellar disks, from the proto-stellar phase to the formation of proto-planetary systems. In particular, the group is involved in large observational programs at VLT, LBT, ALMA, NOEMA, TNG, to investigate through a coordinated and synergic approach the different physical processes that concur to the dispersal of circumstellar disks: i.e. magnetospheric accretion, jets and stellar/disk-winds. Members of the group are actively involved in the definition of scientific projects in this field with future instrumentations (e.g. LBT-SHARK, E-ELT-HIRES, NOEMA)



The JEDI collaboration

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