VUDS  The VIMOS Ultra Deep Survey


The VIMOS Ultra Deep Survey (VUDS) is a spectroscopic redshift survey of ~10.000 very faint galaxies to study the major phase of galaxy assembly 2 < z ≲ 6. The survey covers 1 deg2 in 3 separate fields: COSMOS, ECDFS, and VVDS-02h. Spectra covering 3650 < λ < 9350 Å are obtained with VIMOS on the ESO-VLT with integration times of 14h. The redshift distribution of the main sample peaks at z=3-4 and extends over a large redshift range mainly in 2 < z < 6. This survey is the largest at these redshifts and offers the opportunity for unprecedented studies of the star-forming galaxy population and its
distribution in large scale structures during the major phase of galaxy assembly.

Participants: R. Amorin, M. Castellano, A. Fontana, A. Grazian , L. Guaita, F. Marchi, L. Pentericci



link: vuds survey